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Reiki with Margaret

Margaret Self of Carolina Reiki Institute, Inc. has her office here inside Belladonnas to serve your healing needs. Having twenty years of Reiki experience with people of all ages and states of health, she will gently, and with a light, non-invasive touch,  balance your body’s energies, remove blockages and promote healing within your body, mind and spirit.  Contact Margaret at (803) 551-1191 or go on-line



Reiki Therapy
Jin Shin Jyutsu Therapy
Reiki Raindrop Aromatherapy
Aqua Chi Detox Footbaths
General Health/Nutrition Consulting

Herbal Blessings (special blends of Reiki empowered herbs, essential oils and flower essences)

Herbal tinctures and salves
Aromatherapy lotions, sprays and oils
Flower Remedy custom blends


Reiki Certification – all levels
Herbal Workshops
Jin Shin Jyutsu – self help


Reiki Clinics: $15 per session, call ahead as space is limited

1st Tuesdays     10:30 am – 12:00 pm
1st Thursdays     6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


Reiki Therapy has been found beneficial for
   Reduction of Stress & Anxiety
   Pain Management
   Promoting faster healing of wounds and
   Reducing complications of surgery and
   promoting quicker recovery
   Strengthening the Immune System
   Overall balancing of energies
   General Health and Wellness issues

Reiki Therapy is used as a complement to traditional medical care and not as a substitute.  When used together, Reiki therapy will often enhance the effects of the medical care being received.