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Massage Therapy with Ryan

Welcome to Massage Therapy with Ryan Kern #7103! My office is located inside Belladonnas at 612 Saint Andrews Rd. Suite # 1 Feel free to visit my website~

Hourly Rates
I am glad to customize your next session according to your budget and schedule!  Additionally, are sessions are prorated to the minute.  My hours are actually 60 minutes long with no extra charge for intake and consultation!
My Signature Session

A Full Body Session which includes Soothing Aromatherapy via diffuser, Energizing Aromatherapy via full body application in a grapeseed oil carrier, Hot Towels infused with Belladonnas Muscle Ease essential oil blend at the neck and back, Castor Oil Flannel Pack with a hot placement stone heat application, Mint Foot Refresher with a castor oil finish, Hot Towel infused with Belladonnas Lavender Lady Essential Oil at the face, Colon Cleanse with castor oil, And, if you like, I'll gladly remove any excess castor oil with a hot towel All for $103 per hour.

Base Rate
My base rate is $67 per hour.  Most full body sessions run 45 to 90 minutes long.
Prenatal & Postpartum
These sessions are the same price as the base rate, but they also include Aromatherapy and Placement Hot Stones without any additional cost, $67 per hour, 50 to 90 minutes long.
Hot Stone
Relieve your stress and tension with heat in a full body application for $87 per hour, most sessions are 90 minutes long.
Fertility Massage
Blending many techniques and skills, and using Aromatherapy and Castor Oil Flannel Packs (at no additional cost), this special service is offered at $72 per hour with most sessions running 75 to 90 minutes long.
Session Upgrades
Add Hot Towels to any session for an additional $6 added to the session cost.
Add Aromatherapy or Castor Oil to any session for an additional $8 per application added to the session cost.
Accent any massage with a few Hot Stones for $14 for up to 4 stones.
Looking for Something Quicker?
Mint Foot Refresher
How about 20 minutes on the table, feet wrapped in hot towels infused with your favorite mint aromatherapy?  The total cost including towels and essential oils is $27.
Chair Massage
Take a load off in your busy schedule and drop by for a chair massage for $1 per minute.  It is always best to ensure my availability first by texting or calling ahead or booking a chair massage through the online booking application.

If you're ready to make your next appointment, it just got easier!  Please visit my Genbook appointment scheduling page where I list services and prices.  You can use the simple interface there to book your next appointment.
When you use the online scheduler:
  • You can read through verified customer reviews.
  • You will receive a confirmation email right away.
  • You may use links provided in the email to make changes to your appointment.
  • You will receive an appointment reminder the day before your appointment.
If it suits you, book your next appointment online at  
Need some help scheduling your next appointment?  If so, text or call me at (803) 727-4124 or email less urgent concerns to
And this new feature!  Purchase a Gift Certificate online at   Multiple denominations are available to achieve whatever price point you're interested in!
I look forward to meeting you!!