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Re-Sending September Newsletter!

on September 6, 2010 - 8:00pm

*****hey guys! I am resending this, so please forgive me if you get it twice! when I sent it out last week, for some reason (mercury retrograde), a lot of the email addresses came back as not working, and the new emails were not added! so, I am trying to fix it! if you got it twice, I give you twice the Bella love! hope your weekend was great!*****

happy September! as many of you know, September marks Belladonnas 4th birthday! help us celebrate all month long with 20% off your entire purchase all month long! come in as many times as you like, all month long, and receive this wonderful discount each time you purchase! (regular exclusions on books, tarot decks, and consignment items do apply!). this is our way of celebrating, and thanking you for being such wonderful, loyal friends and family! without your support, Bellas would not exist, so once again, I say thank you and I am so grateful for each and every one of you! we are back to our regular shoppe hours~ Tuesday-Thursday 10-6, Friday-Saturday 10-7. we have a lot of wonderful classes coming up, so take a peak at your calendars, and mark the dates! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a very happy and relaxing labor day weekend! for those that have asked, majestic, the falcon that found his way to my door, is doing great! thanks for all the prayers of good intention for him! until we see you again~ Namaste~~ Jen

we have three readers on staff to offer their guidance and support. reading rates are $35/15 minutes, $65/half an hour, and $100/hour. please call to make an appointment! 803-765-0450
pam is available Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11am-2pm. she is lakota, and offers a native american approach to life experiences!
ryan is available Wednesdays from 3pm-6pm. a newly licensed massage therapist that offers a wonderful approach to reading the cards!
Saundra Saundra is available Wednesdays and Thursdays after 5:15, Fridays after 4:30pm, and on Saturdays from 1pm-4pm. lady Saundra is a reiki master, and also incorporates psychometry into her readings!
also, my friend michelle is actually finished with her rho-hun training, and for those of you that are interested, I can get you in touch with her!

September is known as the harvest moon, white moon, singing moon, sturgeon moon, haligmonath (holy month), witumanoth (wood month), and moon when the deer paw the earth. this month was sacred to many cultures that celebrated the dead and the forces of magick and wisdom including egypt, the incas, the greeks and norse, and south korea and taiwan. pay close attention this month, as the veils between the worlds are thinning, and spirits are coming through much more! most people only think of this around samhain (halloween), but in olden times, September through the end of the cold months was really a time when spirits were very active, and searching for warmth. this is where the idea of putting lights in the window came from, as people were trying to guide their beloved dead relatives and friends.

Monday, sept 6~ labor day! hope you each enjoy your day, and spend it relaxing, and playing with those you love!
Wednesday, sept 8~ new moon don't forget to write out your abundance check! in tibet, they celebrate the water festival, a thanksgiving feast honoring springs and water sprites.
Thursday, sept 9~ rosh hashanah begins at sundown happy jewish new year! this literally translates to ""head of the year""
Friday, sept 10~ t'wan yuan chieh, or women's feast of reunion, a moon festival honoring ch'ang-o, in china
Saturday, sept 11~patriot day dedicated to the 2,993 people killed in the sept.11 attacks and their families
Sunday, sept 12~ first meeting of the grow class. I still have 2 spots left open for this class. if you are interested, please call or email me, and I will add you to the list. in this class, we take a hard look at where you are in your life currently, and how you got there. it requires a lot of committed soul work. I have included the flier for those that are interested! 2711 middleburg drive, the kittrell building, in middleburg plaza. the class will meet the following three Sundays as well~ 9/19, 9/26, and 10/03.
Sunday, sept 12~ mercury goes direct at 11:04 pm thank goodness!
Monday-Tuesday, sept 13-14~ ceremony of lighting of the fires in egypt, honoring the goddess nephthys and the spirits of the dead
Thursday, sept 16~ international day of peace and mexico's independence day
Saturday, sept 18th~ yom kippur jewish day of atonement and repentance
Sunday, sept 19~ in alexandria, a day long fast in honor of thoth, god of wisdom and magick
Thursday, sept 23~ autumnal equinox, mabon the second of three harvest festivals that celebrates the bounty of fruits, vegetables, and the idea of having plenty to last for the coming months of winter. the 22nd was also the death of tiamat in sumeria, and the greeks celebrated the goddess nemesis as a guide to their fates.
Sunday, sept 26~ meditation class with pam 6pm at my house $10

***a reminder for those of you that are interested in the datebooks for 2011~ please drop me an email or call and let me know if you are interested in a planner for next year. we always seem to run out of these, so I am trying to count how many we need, and place a pre-order so I have enough! I will be placing the order the first week of October!***

did you know??
we now have a large selection of herbs in the shoppe for medicinal and magical needs! all the herbs I sell are organic, and come from a co-op, so you can cook with them, use them in the bath, make poultices and salves, burn them, or carry them with you! if you do not see what you are looking for, we are happy to order it for you!
we also have a wonderful line of essential oils that are designed for spiritual as well as physical healing. oils that relieve migraines, muscle aches and pains, oils for depression, to help you sleep, to help you let go of fear, and much much more! I would love to consult with you about oils you May find beneficial!

upcoming classes
Sunday, October 10~ divination class 12noon-4pm kittrell building middleburg plaza, 2711 middleburg drive, 29204 $35
this is a really fun class where we focus on different styles of divination. tarot, crystal balls, SCrying mirrors, and more! we'd love to have you join us!

Sunday, November 14~essential oils class 12noon-4pm kittrell building middleburg plaza, 2711 middleburg drive, 29204 $50
this is a class where we explore all the wonderful uses of essential oils. I carry a line of essential oils at Bellas that we will use for reference. we will discuss aromatherapy, medicinal uses, blends and single notes, and more! you will also receive a free sample to take home with you!

Belladonnas gift shoppe
1224 Pendleton Street
usc campus, underneath cornell arms
***don't forget we have parking, and that you do not have to pay the meters on Saturdays! when you turn into the parking lot of cornell arms, the first two spaces against the wall belong to Bellas!***

as always, if you would like to be removed, please email me, and I am happy to take you off the list! feel free to pass this on to others that you feel May be interested! have a great weekend!