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Pendulum/Dowsing Seminar With Raymon Grace

on February 21, 2010 - 7:00pm
Hey guys! hope you all had a wonderful weekend! just a reminder for those that are interested in the raymon grace seminar that I must have your deposit by Friday, February 26th. we do have enough interested parties, so he will be coming into town on March 20, 21 for a 2 day seminar from 9am-5pm both days. I can take payment by credit card over the phone Tuesday-Friday this week~ 803-765-0450. please see the flier for more information including the address of the seminar. feel free to email me or call if you need directions, a list of hotels, etc. I am more than happy to help! have a wonderful Monday!~ Jen

advanced dowsing, healing & self empowerment seminar

by raymon grace

date: -- March 20 & 21--- 9am—5pm

learn how to

reach the alpha brain frequency, including the numerous benefits. this adds power to your thoughts

reducing stress

mentally communicate with a person to eliminate arguments

plant positive suggestions in your own mind.

positively influence the behavior of a person at a distance and cause them to treat you better

find a way to collect money from someone who owes you.

lubricate stiff muscles and joints

do healing work with the pendulum

send healing energy to a person at a distance or remote healing find and change the frequency of the human body

overcome fear

reach a realm of the spirit world--a native american healing technique--the medicine place

meet your spirit guides

change a negative situation into a positive one

make medicine from water--bring a bottle of water to be energized for a lifetime supply of energized water

find and cut psychic cords

find and eliminate various negative influences

receive detailed information on effectively clearing people and property

perform exorcism safely

change the energy in your family, home and community for improved health and compatibility

employ techniques for attracting prosperity

and more!

real life examples will be given on all the techniques taught each day

time will be provided for question and answer sessions

workshop fee: $275 ----a deposit check made to Belladonnas of $175 must be made by feb. 26th to hold your space in class. you May also charge the deposit over the phone~803-765-0450.

the remainder of the fee is due on March 20th at the beginning of class, and will be made payable directly to the raymon grace foundation in the amount of $100.

send deposit check to:


1224 Pendleton Street

Columbia, SC 29201

please call~ Jen for directions, and more information! we would love to have you join us! 803-765-0450

location: the class will be held at the kittrell center in middleburg plaza~ 2711 middleburg drive in forest acres, Columbia, SC 29204 in the large conference room.

raymon’s bio

raymon grace, founder and president of raymon grace foundatin, has taken dowsing to new heights, thus empowering individuals to gain more control of their lives.
with a unique and down-to-earth manner, he teaches in a style that characterizes his life.

he lectures across north america, speaking to a wide variety of audiences, including dowsing societies in u.s. and canada.

he has successfully worked with royal canadian mounted police to reduce violent crime. his work has been used to reduce violence in schools and to eliminate abuse of women and children.

he has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the well know ""coast to coast am radio.""

he has authored three books.

""the future is yours - do something about it"" which combines mind development, shamanism, dowsing, healing, and self-empowerment.

""techniques that work for me"" is an advanced dowsing manual. .

""seasons of April-how to help your kids succeed"", tells how he used mental techniques and positive thinking to raise his daughter April.

he has also produced a dvd for purifying and energizing water and a dvd for clearing energy in homes & schools, along with several other dvds & cds.

his ""techniques"" book has been translated into four languages and all of his books are translated into chinese.

his websites are

here is a recent letter from someone who had attended my class.


i just wanted to say that your class last week end in charlottesville blew me away! I have been a reiki practitioner for years, but your concepts of using intent to heal at a distance are a quantum leap above any hands on methods. I wanted you to know how much I learned. I must have taken 30 pages of notes. I am on the fourth reading of your book. I always get something new out of it. I have been using your check list to help my family and friends. your clearing of the many things on the list from me has made me feel completely different. I feel more confident about life and that things will work out well. :-)

bless you,