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August Greetings!

on August 2, 2010 - 8:00pm
Good morning, everyone! wow, can you believe the summer has flown by?!? it is almost time for back to school! I don't know why, but for some reason, I love August! it is a month that is filled with so much anticipation~ new beginnings, new people, SChool supplies, harvesting the things you have been working for! what have you been working toward? August was traditionally the month that they would gather fruits, vegetables, and grains for the coming winter. the things that are coming to fruition at this time are a direct result of the seeds you planted and tended in the early spring and summer. as part of harvesting, we also say goodbye to those things that did not blossom. we May never know why those things did not grow, but we know that we will have chances to try again in the future! what a wonderful cycle of life! this month's energy also reminds me of the solar plexus and sacral chakras. let's hear it for leo! creation truly lies in the belly and the loins! the sacral chakra challenges us to claim our sensual energy and think about where all life starts! think the colors crimson red and passionate orange! then we move to the solar plexus, where life is held and encouraged to grow! think sparkling yellow, bright and unfathomable limitless potential! fertility does not just refer to the act of creating a human life~ it is also present each time we create anything new! journaling, writing, painting, making music, making something with your hands...these are all acts of fertility! we are each a great source of strength and creation! you never really know what strengths lie beneath the surface until you are truly tested! the planets are definitely causing some shakeups for all of us! I find, personally, that when things are stressful, it gives me an opportunity to think outside the box, and be more creative! remember...just breathe. you are alive, and that life is a gift. it is rough, and wonderful, and scary, and empowering, and so precious...each and every moment...each and every experience. all things are as they should be, right now, and in the future. it's your life~ live it, love it, change it, mould it, be it~ create it! until I see you again, Namaste~~ Jen

we have three readers on staff that are here to provide you with insight and life experience. they are all available by appointment. rates are $35 for 15min, $65 for 1/2hour, and $100/hour. please call ahead to book in an appointment!
pam wadford, founder of singing drum creations and lakota sundancer is in the shoppe on Wednesdays from 11am-2pm and by appointment on other days.
ryan kern is a newly licensed massage therapist and offers fun filled readings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3pm-6pm
lady Saundra reiki master and artist is available Wednesdays and Thursdays after 5:15pm, Fridays after 4:30pm, and on Saturdays from 1pm-4pm

Sunday, aug.1st~ lammas loaf-mass day or the festival of first fruits. this celebration is about harvesting the first fruits, vegetables, and wheats of the season. it calls for a feast and for preparations for the coming winter. lughnasadh is also the first fire festival. it heralds the coming fall season. this is a great time to bake bread and make preserves. corn dollies were also traditionally made and then they were planted with the corn in the spring. it is also a time for saying farewell to things that did not come to fruition and to regrets. the aztecs also celebrate xiuhtecuhtli at this time, a festival for this god of the calendar and spiritual fire. there is also a celebration in macedonia for the dryad maiden spirits of the water and woodlands.

Tuesday, aug.3rd~ come by the shoppe and break bread with me! every year, in honor of this celebration, I invite you to stop by the shoppe and break bread with me for blessings of friendship, prosperity, and abundant living in the coming year! hope you can make it!
also on this day, there is a workshop for healthy eating and nutrition with my friend ann's nutritionist:

dear friends, most of you know I have been working with a nutritionist since March and I am so pleased with the results I am getting. if you are thinking about healthy eating and cooking, please put this on your calendar, especially if you have health issues in your family like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease. she specializes in helping people live well and feel good. i'm sending this to you because I care about you! thanks, ann

please join us for a private group workshop with…

roxanne koteles-smith

chef, author, macrobiotic consultant from asheville, nc

learn how to...

* use foods as essential building blocks for your health goals

* organize the best food resources

* benefit from gluten-free food choices

* sample the latest organic and natural products

* identify foods to strengthen your immune system

* make proper food selection & efficient food combinations to

reduce cravings, support detoxification, and replenish energy!

Tuesday, August 3, at 7:00pm

the residences at sand hills

$20 for workshop & organic food tasting

seating is limited, so call or email soon.

invite a friend and pre-register today at

351-5779 or at

ann p. minton
803-351-5779 cell
August 6-12th~ many celebrations are held in egypt over these days, including a festival for thoth, the celebration of the breaking of the nile in honor of the goddess hathor, and the blessing of the boats.

Tuesday aug.10th~ new moon remember to do your blank check ritual on this day! that is a ritual you can do each and every month! here is a fun link with all kinds of information about the different ways you can use the bank of the universe!

Wednesday aug.11th~ ramadan begins this is the islamic month of fasting, where participating muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and sexual activity from dusk until dawn. this fasting is intended to teach patience, modesty, and spirituality. they also traditionally offer more prayers than normal at this time.

Friday-Sunday aug.13th-15th~ move in weekend! welcome back students, faculty, and staff at usc!

Tuesday aug.24th~ full moon remember~ sometimes, the best way to ask for what we need, is to remember all that we have...
we have all that we need. full blessed children of space, light shines full on our faces... giving love, illumination, and peace...

Thursday aug.26th~ women's equality day~ at the behest of rep. Bella abzug (d-ny), in 1971 the u.s. congress designated August 26 as “women’s equality day.”

the date was selected to commemorate the 1920 passage of the 19th amendment to the constitution, granting women the right to vote. this was the culmination of a massive, peaceful civil rights movement by women that had its formal beginnings in 1848 at the world’s first women’s rights convention, in seneca falls, new york. the observance of women’s equality day not only commemorates the passage of the 19th amendment, but also calls attention to women’s continuing efforts toward full equality. workplaces, libraries, organizations, and public facilities now participate with women’s equality day programs, displays, video showings, or other activities.

Friday aug.27th~ global forgiveness day encourage people to forgive each other, and themselves. global forgiveness day is held every year on August 27. it began in 1994. the holiday is sponsored by the christian embassy of christ's ambassadors but members of all faiths can celebrate it. people around the world come together to mend their differences and promote reconciliation. this holiday invites everyone to:

* consider the damaged relationships in their own lives.
* reflect on what they and others did to cause that damage.
* reach out and attempt to mend relationships through apology and forgiveness.
* consider past mistakes in their own lives that make them feel bad about themselves.
* forgive themselves for past mistakes and resolve to improve in the future.
* consider national and global abuses that create political and cultural tensions within nations and between nations.
* take personal steps to alleviate the harm done by those abuses that impact their area.
* speak to political and other representatives about the importance of forgiveness, asking them to help repair the harm done.
* encourage other people in general to think about forgiveness and to celebrate this holiday by working on it in some way.

i encourage each of you to forgive yourselves, as well as others, for the things in your life that did not come out the way you intended. holding on to negative energy, pain, shame, and anger does not do anything except make you feel sick! these emotions only serve to keep you trapped! release, release, release!

Sunday, aug.29th~ drumming and rhythm class with pam wadford $15 4pm-6:30pm location to be announced

have you been told you have no rhythm? ever wanted to sit in on a drum circle, but you were too scared? join us for a fun filled class that will have you dancing to a new and different beat! pam has been making her own drums for over 35 years, and has been involved in music and drumming since 1972. she is a professional percussionist, and the founder of singing drum creations. no drums required!

Tuesday, aug.31st~ hindu festival of anant chaturdasi, women's purification, honoring lord vishnu and lord ganesh

this vowed religious observance is performed on the fourteenth day (chaturdashi) of the bright fortnight of bhadrapad. the principal deity of this observance is lord anant, that is lord vishnu while the subordinate deities are shesh and yamuna. this vowed religious observance is mainly performed to acquire lost opulence. it is generally of a duration of fourteen years. this vowed religious observance is begun if recommended by someone or if the thread of the anant tree is easily procured. then it is carried forward in that family. it proves specially beneficial if the fourteenth day (chaturdashi) happens to be the full moon (pournima) day.

anant chaturdashi is also the last day of the hindu festival of ganeshotsav. it is generally the tenth or eleventh day after ganesh chaturthi, and all the ganesh idols brought into homes and communities are immersed in the sea or nearby lakes and rivers. on this day, people travel to the waterfront with the idols, large and small, dancing and singing in large processions. lord ganesha is departed, only to be welcomed the next year with equal excitement.

Belladonnas gift shoppe

1224 pendleton street usc campus

803-765-0450 Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm

as always, if you would like to be removed from this list, simply email me, and I will take care of it! please feel free to pass this on to those you feel May be interested! have a great day!