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We carry a large selection of spiritual books on subjects including Wicca, Tarot and Palm Reading, Pendulum work, Chakras, Auras, Indigo Children, Spiritual Growth, Kabbalah, Yoga, Reiki, Energy work, Agnostic, Christian, and Buddhist topics and much much more! We are also more than happy to special order! 

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Essential Oils

If oils are your thing, we stock a wide variety. Anything we do not have, we are willing to order~ just ask! Choose from essential oils, synergies, and blends, and also fragrance oils. Perfect for a variety of uses~ aromatherapy, candle dressing, and to wear! Always be sure to dilute oils you plan on wearing on your skin! 

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 We love tarot cards! This is a personal area of interest! Choose from a wide variety in stock, and always know we special order! We also have four readers on staff! They are available Tuesday through Saturday~ Call to make an appointment! 803-765-0450

Healing Stones

We have a wonderful selection of stones used for a variety of purposes. We pick out the stones by hand, and we are always looking for things that are new and unique. We carry loose stones, rough stones, tumbled stones, and gem stones. We have wands, worry stones, hearts, stars, and totem animal shapes. I am always happy to special order too. Also, a lot of the jewelry that we stock in the shoppe is made from precious and semi precious gemstones, as well as natural stones! We'd love to help you pick out just the thing!!


Belladonnas is the realization of a life-long dream for me.  I was born in New Orleans, and was fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe with my family until I was about 13 years old and we settled in South Carolina.  I pursued a degree in Retail Management from USC. I was extremely blessed to work for the Joyful Alternative when I was in college.  It changed my life. Up until that point, my retail experiences had all been with cooperate companies. Working for Joyful opened my eyes to a new way of being! I will forever be grateful to my mentor and friend, Barbara Howell for all the things she taught me.  My shoppe is, in many ways, an homage to her and to the legacy of the Joyful Alternative. It was open for 35 years by the time it closed, and was a landmark for Columbia and its natives!

I search the world for the most unique things I can find. All of the pieces I carry come from their point of origin ~ Nepal, Tibet, India, Thailand, Madagascar, Indonesia, Kenya, and Egypt, to name just a few. I have also been fortunate enough to meet many talented local artists who have shared their talent by allowing me to carry their art in my shop. Each new item is an expression of someone’s passion, and is looking for the right person to appreciate it! I invite you to come down and visit anytime!

The name Belladonnas comes from an herb known as deadly nightshade.  This herb was used a lot in the Victorian era as a sedative and relief for cold and flu like symptoms. Additionally, it was also used to dilate the pupils, and as a counteracting agent for poisoning. The herb is considered today as highly poisonous. I named my shoppe after this herb because to me, it is all about education. Anything can be poisonous if it is misused or handled improperly. Because I carry religious items from around the world, I am trying to promote their education, cultural history, and proper use by dispelling fear and trying to share what knowledge I have of how they can help people connect to Spirit and heal their lives. I carry items from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabala, Paganism, Taoism, Judaism, and almost everything in between! It is possible for the beauty of these belief systems to coexist! They have an amazing amount of things in common! The goal of my shoppe is to help the similarities shine through!